Reverend Shawn Smith DD, THD, DD, was ordained as Bishop fifteen (15) years ago. He is a minister of Jesus Christ and the apostolic overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries, a network of churches with its seat in Douala, Cameroon. He has been in active full-time ministry for eleven (11) years now, expounding and preaching the untainted grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. His exegetical and inspirational method of presentation of the New Testament has established him as a theological authority in the Gospel revealed to the Apostle Paul.

Dr. Shawn Smith is commissioned with the apostolic mandate; “to present the revelation of Christ Jesus; the loveliness of His person, the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity, for the rising of the glorious Church.” The Pauline revelation is the focus of Dr. Shawn’s ministry. Every message he preaches or teaches as well as every book he has authored has focused on the person of Christ who is the first and foremost passion of his life and ministry.

Dr. Shawn together with his spouse and co-labourer in the harvest of nations and the Theosis Institute, Reverend Annie Smith DD, an ordained minister of the Gospel, are setting ablaze the hearts and minds of men with the realisation of the Father’s unconditional love. Reverend Annie Smith who is the administrator of the GCM network is equally a celebrated preacher, speaker, author and exponent of the grace of God. She is a significant voice and prominent advocate of the ministerial role women are called to play in the church, in their families and in society at large. Their union is blessed with three children.

Dr. Shawn holds out the Apostle Paul as the most outstanding maker of Christian history. He is equally persuaded that every theologian, reformer or revivalist who has marked church history in the likes of Irenaeus, Athanasius, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Wesley, E.W. Kenyon, or Warren Litzman, or countless others too numerous to name, (whose significance and impact can never be discounted) did first light their torch from the flame kindled by Paul. Dr. Shawn has dispensed thousands of teachings in the last decade in different formats, touching every essential aspect of Christian doctrine and practice. He is equally the author of the daily devotional “In Christ Devotions” published in three languages, “As Righteous as God”, “Fathered by God”, “The New Man in Christ”, “Prosperity by Grace”, “Experiencing the Powers of the age to Come”, “Jesus Christ + Nothing = Everything”, “New Testament Prayers and Affirmations”, “Of His Fullness”, Delivered?, “Romans Revealed” the first edition of a verse by verse expository and exegetical commentary of the epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Romans, and most recently the revolutionary “Dr. Shawn Smith Compendium of Paul’s Epistles” which contains the complete authorised King James Version of Romans to Hebrews plus the most helpful insights taken from 170 additional English Translations. It is a compendium of a pre-researched library of the finest New Testament scholars and Bible translators. The compendium is a theological and academic tool intended for Pauline studies.

Through preaching and teaching, Dr. Shawn Smith has trained and raised more than one hundred ministers of grace who minister the gospel of grace with grace in different capacities all around the world. He is equally the founder of Christ Commission International (CCI), a prolific ministerial network of likeminded ministers from more than sixty (60) denominational backgrounds. Theosis is by no means an ordinary Bible school, it is an educational institution established with the prime focus to raise New Testament ministers with the theological and academic foundations for grace ministry.


Theosis is the consummation of what began a decade ago with GCM annual schools of ministry in which the GCM leadership, guest pastors and leaders, were trained in the doctrine of Christ, ministerial service and church history, just to name a few. It is a theological institute dedicated for ministers who desire to understand the inheritance of our faith, that is, the historic foundation of Christianity.

The apostle Paul established the foundation of the church age through teaching the revelation of the mystery.

in this unparalleled time of revelation, the Father has prepared something special that will eternally impact the course of church history in our generation.


Theosis Institute is an institute of patristic and apostolic understanding,  it is "A revelatory and educational program to reclaim the ancient apostolic and patristic vision of the cosmic and universal Lordship of Jesus Christ."... 


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