Degrees and Courses

Theosis Higher Institute offers a wide variety of courses. Some are listed below. All candidates seeking admission into Theosis Higher Institute are hereby directed to check the list of available programs (courses) that have gained accreditation before seeking admission.



About the Chancellor

Dr Shawn Smith

Dr. Shawn Smith is a Professor of Sacred Theology and an ordained minister of the Gospel with the divine mandate to “present the revelation of Christ Jesus, the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work, with excellence and clarity for the rising of the Glorious Church.” He is the apostolic overseer of Gospel of Christ Ministries (GCM), an ever-increasing network of churches, which he has established in every major city within the nation of Cameroon and across the world. Together with his wife Dr. Annie Smith, they shepherd a global church including the GCM Internet Fellowship, reaching 153 nations, and touching close to 300,000 families globally.