The Theosis programs are designed to exhibit the highest academic standards and are equally tailored to reflect the reality of Christ, as such they cover education and demonstration. The program will ground the student in the doctrine of the gospel and establish him as a scientist of the gospel; a demonstrator of power of God and a bringer forth of infallible proofs of the gospel.

Theosis Institute offers the following qualifications:

1) Diploma in Theology

Upon completion of a module in a specific area of theology, the student will be awarded a diploma in theology. These diplomas may be consequently taken into consideration in the award of a bachelor degree in theology. Applicable modules will be offered according to availability and yearly schedule. The diploma in theology may be completed in months.

The year 2014, the Theosis Institute opens its doors with a modular training program:

1) Leadership Module: Entrusted With The Gospel;

2) School of Epistles Module: The Galatian Epistle

3) Recapitulation

4) Church History

These modules, which will be dispensed online, are broken down into courses which every Theosis Institute trainee will have to complete to fulfil the requirements of each module. The program is open to whosoever is willing to understand our inheritance: the historic foundation of Christianity. The online modules can be taken at any time and completed within five (05) months from start date. A registration fees is mandatory for every trainee. Scholarships and bursaries are available to a number of applicants upon application. Successful candidates will be issued an electronic diploma to attest course completion.

The modules are broken down into the following courses:

A) Leadership Module: Entrusted With The Gospel - Introduction: Understanding the Historic Foundation of Christianity; - Session 2: Entrusted With The Gospel; - Session 3: The Two Apostleships; - Session 4: The Two Apostleships P. II - Session 5: First Century Heresies: How They Have Re-Emerged In The 21st Century; - Session 6: The Antiquity of The Jews; - Session 7: Athanasius And The Council of Nicaea;

B) School of Epistles (Galatian Epistle) - Galatians 1:Your Liberty In Christ; - Galatians 1; - Galatians 2;

C) Recapitulation - Hidden With Christ In God Session 1; - Hidden With Christ In God Session 2; - Recapitulation Session 3; - Recapitulation Session 4;

D) Church History - 1st C Heresies & Their Influences In The Church; - The Rise of The Papacy & The Myth of Apostolic Succession; - 1st One Thousand Years of History in Africa

2) Bachelor of Theology

The B.Th. program is a three (03) years course with a curriculum which covers the fundamental areas of Christian doctrine and practice such as perichoresis (the perichoretic mystery of the Godhead), the mystery of primordial man, soteriology (the nature of sin and salvation), hypostasis (en hypostasis, an hypostasis), theosis, eschatology, Christology, justification, identification, substitution, adoption, predestination, election, sanctification, regeneration, Pauline theology, Church history, priesthood, ecclesiology, angeology, harmatiology, ministry, faith, grace, theocentric psychology, Pauline anthropology, glossolalia, pneumatology, dispensationalism, religions of the world, numerology, immortality, theocratic church government and New Testament offices, transformational leadership and practical ministry etc.

An emphasis will be placed on the church history: the first millennium of Christianity; ante Nicene, Nicene, post Nicene, the reformation till present. Throughout this course the student will learn key areas of doctrine which will equip him and ground him in the understanding of the gospel of Christ at a bachelor’s degree level. Holders of a diploma in theology may be awarded credits in view of their completion of the bachelor’s program.

3) Masters of Theology

At the M.Th. level, students are expected to have gained mastery of foundational theological concepts. The Masters level curriculum introduces students to advanced doctrine, Church history and research methodology. The student will equally present a research thesis under supervision, fulfil an internship requirement in an assigned ministerial domain. The student will be expected to demonstrate discipline, and exegetical skills in the interpretation and understanding of the word of God.

4) Doctor of Theology

To him that much is given, much is equally expected. The Doctorate program is a special program extended to selected candidates who have demonstrated excellence in relevant ministerial domains. It is destined for candidates who desire to press on into a place of excellence and ministerial commitment. Candidates for the Doctorate program understand that they have the responsibility to fulfil the plan of God. They know that with great theological understanding comes forth great missionary commitment. Paul, the greatest theologian was also the greatest missionary.

If you truly understand Paul, what motivates him will begin to motivate you. It is impossible to be a theologian without being a missionary, in other words; the doctrine of Jesus is the greatest motivational force to fulfil His mission. If you are trained by a preacher who exposes to you the mind of the apostle Paul, what motivated him will begin to motivate you. When you see what was revealed to Paul, what motivated him will begin to motivate you. Candidates considered for this level of instruction have demonstrated conviction and an unwavering devotion and commitment not only to a deep understanding of the doctrine of Christ, but have equally engaged ministry at a missionary level.

Candidates receive personal face-to-face instruction from Dr. Shawn and Annie Smith to prepare them for the higher and greater things of God. The program includes advanced doctrine which can be received only at this level, a systematic study of church history, ecclesiology, perichoresis, Christology, and research. Every candidate is required to submit a comprehensive research thesis on a topic of their choice, approved by the board of the institute.

The apostle Paul established the foundation of the church age through teaching the revelation of the mystery.

in this unparalleled time of revelation, the Father has prepared something special that will eternally impact the course of church history in our generation.


Theosis Institute is an institute of patristic and apostolic understanding,  it is "A revelatory and educational program to reclaim the ancient apostolic and patristic vision of the cosmic and universal Lordship of Jesus Christ."... 


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