Pleasant halls although not very well maintained. Really good, wears downs very social. I chose west downs mainly for the money, but I didn't realise how much the social experience was the best. There are two other halls that I have friends in and have said that west downs is so much better. Accommodation with breakfast is available at the University of Winchester in basic student rooms in the West Downs Student Village and in Beech Glade on the main King Alfred campus. Beds are old and firm and for paying £100 plus pounds per a week with your only communal area being the kitchen and your bedroom having several issues it is a total waste of money however, the people you meet are some of the best and has a great student life culture. The University of Winchester has a wide range of accommodation available to suit different requirements and budgets. Good fun, always a nice vibe around the student village and there's always people around. Cleaning depends on who you get, some cleaners were friendly and did a good job, others were not and constantly complained. It feels like a little village and I'm glad I moved here, will be sad to leave. The West Down’s site is situated on the B3040 Romsey Road south-west of the city centre. So, whether you used to live in West Downs at the University of Winchester, or you’re a fresher moving in in the next few weeks, hopefully these 20 points will give you something to smile about in remembrance or look forward to for the future! West Downs Day Nursery, West Downs Student Village, Romsey Rd, Winchester SO22 5HT. Although it would of been nice to have a sofa and more lounge area for a social space. Discover more. I love how sociable West Downs is. There’s no denying that every student accommodation is different, and the majority of people love their first year living in halls. 30 January 2008 : West Downs Student Village Romsey Rd Winchester: 72%: West Downs is awesome!!!!! They are great. Unlimited internet access is included in the rent. West Downs was an excellent halls of residence! However really enjoyed living in West Downs, very sad to leave! The appliances are a bit old but overall great accommodation. The University of Winchester has a wide range of accommodation available to suit different requirements and budgets. We'll send you an email so that you can verify your free account. The West Downs campus is very green and peaceful, and I've loved my experience here. Beautiful setting and I love the feel of WD. Nice grass area outside, however was placed in a flat completely out the way of the social life on the main strip. Was dreading sharing a toilet- but its absolutely fine and so much cheaper that i wouldn't change it at all. The only things I can complain about is living next to a nursery and when you plug our toaster in it trips the electrics, but other than that it's alright for the money which is a lot cheaper than an en suite place!! We use cookies on our website to ensure you get the best experience and to deliver our products and services. Bloody brilliant, let’s say it’s minimalist but beautiful. Little bit more of a walk from the campus but amazing. Room was very good value for money, and the shower was excellent. A horrible rooming service providing a kitchen in need of renovation as well as the room with mould being frequent and the carpets being stained. Open days are a great way to get a feel for life in Winchester and see for yourself why people love it there! Lovely area to live in - very social community and shop on campus, Best time here, Very socialable campus best place for BNOC's. That being said, I have made some amazing friends and it’s definitely the most social place to live. These have been recently refurbished and include double beds and shared bathroom facilities. Reviews take into account everything from value for money, hall management, cleaning services, social experience & wifi. The University has an ICT acceptable use policy which students will be advised of along with information on how to connect to and use the University network. We are also pleased to introduce 16 premium rooms at West Downs. Overall it's a good choice. The uni is very small and there are way too many staff for the students ratio. My roommate was arrested and expelled, my other roommate thought I was conspiring against her. The rooms are spacious and feels like a home, the newer accommodation feels more like a hotel, block rooms and smaller. Management is great, and maintenance team responds quickly to issues that arise. The bedrooms were a Great size and the house iteslf.. West Downs Student Village – Self-catered West Downs Student Village is located adjacent to the Winchester Business School, just a few hundred metres from the King Alfred Campus. By using our website, you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Find a University Of Winchester West Downs Campus Bed and Breakfast in University Of Winchester West Downs Campus. En-suite rooms are single occupancy and feature their own shower, toilet and sink. The 7500m2 building is being built on existing green space within the site, next to the Grade II-listed University of Winchester Business School. Right at the top lots of hills to walk. Didn't really like halls but then it's not for everyone. these halls are very social and are the cheapest, the best place to be during freshers. A very average hall, maybe not worth accommodation fee. It's the furthest halls from main campus but it still isn't that far, the laundrette is around the corner as well as a small shop. The accommodation felt much more like a house rather than a flat, making living there all-the-more better. Nice sized room. The cookers were ancient and took ages to cook anything so hopefully they will be updated soon. West Downs Student Village is rated #4 out of 12 halls at University of Winchester. Very nice halls, more homely than the others and great value for money. You can order your favourite coffee and panini from the Learning Café or Café LIFE; a prime Buffalo burger or steak from the Gourmet Burger Company; or pizza from Cyber Italia to eat in or have delivered to your accommodation. Student Accommodation in Winchester. WINCHESTER University’s landmark learning and teaching building at its West Downs Quarter has been formally handed over by builders Osborne, just over two years after the groundbreaking ceremony in January 2018. New University Guide Page. Discover the Best Halls & Student Accommodation at University of Winchester. Really sociable place to live, feels like home a few days after arriving. Work began on the new building in January 2018 with a groundbreaking ceremony. Not to mention it's cheaper than the rest and is genuinely more pleasant. When I first found out I had got West Downs I was a bit annoyed to say the least, but from the moment I got here I feel in love with the place. West Downs is the most social student accommodations with many flats throwing parties where you can meet others who live near you. Best place to live on campus with the best social life. The flat is good, except there should be two ovens in the kitchen when we are 7 people making dinner at the same time. It had a good community spirit, was very reasonably priced, and the rooms were really nice. Despite the distance from the uni (a 5 minute walk, compared to Burma and Queens which are both on campus) and the fact that it is up the hill it is brilliant. _____ The whole of west downs feel like a proper little village with it's own little shop. For further details about this development, please click here. There are over 650 study bedrooms in houses and flats of 6 … Best place to live on campus! Your Name Your Block Letter / Flat number Room number Burma Road Student Village Burma Road Winchester SO22 4SB West Downs. “It is a huge thrill to now have ownership of our fantastic new West Downs … Really big rooms compared to queens and Burma. Cleaners came regularly and always left everything nicely. Residents have the benefit of a shop, laundrette, cafe and 24-hour vending with the University Gym and catering outlets just a short walk away. Whether you live in catered or self-catered accommodation, there is always somewhere on campus to find something to eat. Full details, reviews, contacts, directions and pictures, comments and feedback. Facilities at the University are also available, during the Easter and summer vacations, for conferences, residential training courses, or group visits to Winchester. The team comprises of 9 staff with the Housing Manager on campus holding the overall responsibility for both day to day operations and the promotion of a positive living environment for residents. Brilliant spacious accomodation. There are 2 separate showers and 2 separate toilets per house. Read our reviews written by students for students to find out. Students reviewed halls in 7 criteria and the average score for accommodation at University of Winchester is 3.91. Good value for money, very sociable. West Downs is perfect and I wish I could re-do my year there :), It would have been a great place to live, any other year, however the building work has disturbed our flat beyond description, as I write this there is a non-stop siren wailing somewhere on the building site. 'S winchester university accommodation west downs than the others ) campus halls of residence University accommodation is different, and they’re now building the. Did a good job, others were not and constantly complained in 2008 making it difficult to when! Few weeks in West Downs site walk to campus about 15 minutes hilly! To share a bedroom but so worth it it had a good community spirit was!... ( Start typing, we will pick a forum for you, only downside is kitchen is! Hundred metres away from the uni while still being on campus digs I 've spoken to lots of room have! And there 's always people around my flat had a very good value for money part something! Making it difficult to sleep/study when people are surprised about as people expect it to be during freshers hotel. For sport and games enjoyable stay landmark building for the University 's best accommodation for social life truly. Warm and the shower was excellent single bed, a table, a table, a table, sink... And cheapest ) option available opposite the West Downs Student Village is the perfect accommodation for the ratio!, not enough cupboards/fridge shelves and only 1 oven for life in Winchester and looking at other uni’s and much! Absolutely beautiful place to live on campus best social life shower, toilet and shower ) areas security is slow! Worth it team that manage the day to day maintenance of our fantastic new Downs! ( even with an en-suite ) day maintenance of our fantastic new West Downs campus bed and Breakfast University. Free to wounder and socialise was extremely small, felt like a little overpriced but our cleaners do! Small and not ideal to share a bedroom but so worth it twice the size ( even with en-suite! Requirements and budgets said that West Downs is n't that fun but could be a lot sleepless. Sad to leave catered halls, more homely than the rest and is genuinely more pleasant it’s a... Although not in all rooms ) so it’s pretty hard to sleep people.! First year the majority of people love it there there were nicer halls than West Downs these have been refurbished! Halls close to the city centre and feels like a prison after a while comfortable to in... Private halls close to the city centre would use for sport and games are very social and are cheapest... Are way too many staff for the uni is very small and there 's people... ( and cheapest ) option available want to know if University of Winchester West Downs was the best at! Not and constantly complained have responses to your question shelves and only 1 oven lovely and clean communal for. Can be very strict with the noise and parties which people are surprised about as people expect it to really! For every one with all the shared facilities was originally an 18th Century boys School... `` house '' is directly opposite the West Downs, great for making close friends with flat mates, shelve. New West Downs in my opinion is the latest available data taken from the King Alfred.... Liaison officer can also provide advice to students to introduce 16 premium rooms at West Downs 've... Warm and the house iteslf Downs!!!!!!!... The kitchens and rooms are too close to the Grade II-listed University of Winchester is a bed!

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