The Greek word “Theopoiesis” shortened as “theosis” is the word coined by the Apostolic Fathers to describe the mystery of our inclusion into the life of God through our participation with Christ: we have become by grace what God is by nature. The issue of salvation is theosis: theosis is the goal of our salvation. A related terminology of the ancient church Fathers which equally encapsulates this reality is Perichoresis. Perichoresis is the unbreakable union of Father, Son & Spirit; an interpenetration & intermingling: from the Father, by the Son, through the Spirit (mutual indwelling of Father, Son & Holy Spirit).

Theosis is defined by the Eastern Church father Athanasius the Great of Alexandria as God became man for man to become God; man partaking of God (what He is, His nature, not who He is, God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit) to the same extent that God partook of man through His incarnation. To know Christ there is a difficult process of unlearning religion. Theosis Institute trains the minds of students to question what they believe. It inculcates the inestimable value of willingness to adopt the mind of Christ by questioning why we believe what we believe. Theosis seeks to bring its students to the rediscovery of the vision and the purpose of our existence as Christians.

Students will be raised according to Pauline theology which presents grace as the revelation of the Son of God in us. The Father relates with us on the basis of His son in us, and we are sons in the Son and the Father relates with us through our union with Jesus Christ and grace is that Jesus Christ and the believer have been fused into an inseparable union. Anything other than this is not the Pauline definition of grace. Paul’s election was to reveal the Son in him in his life to Jews and non-Jews alike. In each generation the Lord Jesus Christ continues to build His church through the power of revelation. The education of the saints in the revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ remains the greatest need of the church. One of the greatest chains that has held mankind captive is their misconception of God. The greatest method therefore, to eradicate the ignorance in men is through the education of the gospel.

The Lord Jesus Christ spent three and half years during His earthly ministry to raise selected men of quality in the gospel of the government of God through education and demonstration. The apostle Paul established the foundation of the church age through teaching the revelation of the mystery. And in this unparalleled time of revelation, the Father has prepared something special that will eternally impact the course of church history in our generation.

The chancellor of Theosis Institute has an active ministerial relationship with one of the prominent theologians of our time in the person of Apostle Christian Harfouche, PhD, Th.D., Dmin, DD., who is the founder and Apostolic overseer of Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church, a fast-growing, multi-cultural, cross-denominational church. Apostle Dr. Christian Harfouche was ordained by another prominent minister of God and theologian Dr. Lester Sumrall, who in turn was ordained by God’s General Smith Wigglesworth. Apostle Dr. Christian Harfouche who has affirmed the apostleship of Dr. Shawn Smith, is the founder of International Miracle Institute (IMI) which has graduated students from more than 222 nations.

The chancellor of Theosis Institute is also a fellow of Christ Life Fellowship, a fellowship of premium Pauline doctrinal training overseen by the seasoned Dr. Warren Litzman who has more than eighty years (80) of full-time ministry behind him. Dr. Shawn and Annie Smith, who are partners of Dr. Warren’s ministry, grace Fellowship International, look up to him and Dr. Christian Harfouche as father figures in ministry.